Renting your house to Section 8 or EDEN


Renting your house to Section 8 or EDEN voucher holders in Ohio involves understanding the programs, qualifying your property, and finding tenants. Here’s a breakdown:

Understanding the Programs

  • Section 8: This federal program helps low-income families with rent. A local Public Housing Authority (PHA) pays a portion directly to you, the landlord.
  • EDEN (Energy Efficiency Demonstration Program): This state program helps low-income families afford rent in energy-efficient housing. Specific requirements vary by county.

Qualifying Your Property

  • Section 8: Your property must pass a Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection by the local PHA. Contact your local PHA for details.
  • EDEN: Requirements vary, but your property must meet energy efficiency standards. Check with your local community action agency.

Finding Tenants

  • Section 8:
    • Contact your local PHA to list your property as Section 8-friendly.
    • Advertise online on platforms like Zillow or Trulia, mentioning Section 8 acceptance.
  • EDEN: A central listing might not exist. Advertise your rental and mention EDEN compliance.

Screening Tenants

Screen tenants with vouchers like any other, checking credit, references, and rental history. However, you cannot discriminate based on their voucher source.

Becoming a Section 8 Landlord (Optional)

  • Attend PHA landlord training.
  • Understand Section 8 program rules.
  • Agree to a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract outlining rent and inspection terms.


Remember, this is a general overview. Specifics might vary by location. Check the latest program details with your local PHA and community action agency.

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