5 Most Expensive Houses In The United State

Houses have been considered a sound investment for quite a long time. And why not? After all,
their rising value makes them a safe option compared to other investment options. More often
than not, the value of real estate increases with time. Hence, there’s a chance that you will end
up making a handsome profit if you strike when the iron is hot.
However, when it comes to extravagantly expensive houses, the usual understanding of
investment falls short. These houses are not just mere investments but works of art designed
for ultimate luxury and comfort. When you look at some of the most expensive homes in the
US, you’ll realize that these properties are designed to offer the ultimate living experience that
money can buy.

A Look At The Most Expensive Houses In The US
Don’t we all dream of enjoying a luxurious lifestyle? Well, if you, too, have been yearning for
the same, you must have thought about owning your own exquisite home. This is essentially
the first step!
And there’s no dearth of extravagant, luxurious homes in the US. From mega-mansions to villas
with private beaches, the country truly has it all! Of course, these homes are built for the elite
who have a keen eye for detail and an endless budget. Want to know more about some of
these expensive houses? Let’s take a look!

West Creek Ranch, Gateway, Colorado
Situated amidst the wilderness, the size of this house will definitely take you by surprise.
Indeed, it’s so extensive that into not only Utah but Colorado too. Sprawled across an area of
25,500 sq.ft, this ranch house comprises four stories. It includes eight bathrooms and
bedrooms. There’s an elevator too!

The interior of the house is just as breathtaking. It has quite a rustic charm to it, and it’s pretty
apparent that exquisite attention has been paid to the architectural detailing of every nook and
corner. Apart from the bedroom, the house also has an art studio and theater, and a library.
And for water lovers, there’s a swimming pool with Jacuzzi too.
Interestingly, it’s rumored that you can see actual dinosaur footprints on this property. While
we aren’t sure how true that is, we are confident of one thing. This ranch is definitely a dream
house for many!

The One, Los Angeles, California
It’s not possible not to talk about this mansion when we are discussing the pricey houses in the
US. Indeed, it’s easily one of the most exquisite homes you will come across. And not
surprisingly, considering that it took eight years to complete!
Located in Bel Air, Los Angeles, California, this private mansion is sprawled across an area of
five acres! The best part about this house has to be the majestic view it offers. You can see the
beautiful San Gabriel Mountains and the Pacific Ocean from practically every angle of the
house, and that too without obstructions. What more could you want?
If you need any more reason to be impressed with this amazing house, it has five gigantic pools!
Yes, if you are a water lover, this one’s going to be heaven for you! Of course, it’s not all about
pools and beaches. There’s a lot more to it. It includes a complete salon and spa along with a
huge nightclub too. And, of course, we have to mention the incredible 10,000 sq.ft. Sky deck.
The house has a personal theater, too, which can seat more than 40 people in a go. Naturally,
with a mansion as luxurious as this one, you can expect it to have every amenity you can hope
for and more. Every room reeks of comfort and beauty and is an ode to the landscape that it’s
situated in. And there are 21 rooms!

Villa Firenze, Beverly Hills, California
You won’t find a more beautiful property than the one designed by William Hablinsky, which
offers 20,000 square feet of space inside the house. The mansion includes several living and
eating spaces, as well as 12 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms.
You will feel like royalty as you enter through the gated stone entryway that leads to a
motorized court with a fountain in the middle. The design of the villa fuses together
Mediterranean and Italian styles, giving it that exotic and breathtaking look.

Four-Story Mega Mansion, Bel Air, California
Have you always dreamt about living in a lavish house that will provide all the features you
could hope for and more? This mansion gives vision to your dreams. In fact, it will exceed every
bit of expectation you might have for your house!
With 12 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms, this mansion has a lot to offer. It includes a swim-up bar,
commercial elevators, a massage therapy room, and a bowling alley, among other things. The
house even features a rooftop helicopter!
There’s no end to the features and facilities you will find in this mansion. There’s a reason that
it took four years to create. And if that wasn’t enough, you will find some of the most expensive
and rare works of art here too!

Chartwell, Los Angeles, California
This house is truly a work of art! It was designed by architect Summer Spaulding. It’s so
impressive and majestic that many consider it one of the most lavish and expensive houses in
In fact, the name of the house was inspired by an English mansion from the 14th century! Can
you believe it? Whether you’re a fan of architecture or just love beautiful homes, the Chartwell
estate is definitely an impressive sight to behold.
You will never run out of places to entertain your guests here. After all, it has numerous sitting
rooms and formal dining rooms. And of course, there’s always the big ballroom you can use for
But that’s not all; this property boasts an impressive list of amenities, including a pool house,
tennis court, and a guest house. It even has an underground garage with room for 40
There is even a concealed tunnel leading from the house to the 75-foot swimming pool. Get
ready to be blown away as we dive deeper into the details. Did we mention that the estate
contains 11 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms, with five of those bedrooms being in the large guest
house? It’s truly a home fit for royalty.

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